Nitro Remote Control - RC

Nitro Remote Control - RC

Posted by RC Masters on 19th Jan 2013

Nitro Remote Control vehicles are some of the most popular variants in the RC hobby. Nitro refers to the fuel that powers these vehicles—Nitro Fuel also known as Glow Fuel or Hobby Fuel. RC Cars, Trucks, Helicopters, Planes and Boats can be powered by engines feeding on Nitro Fuel. This type of fuel is a mixture of nitromethane, methanol and oil.

Nitro Remote Control is a big favourite because it provides good power, performance and speed. Some enthusiasts also say the noise and smoke from Nitro RC engines add realism to the hobby.

Nitro RC Helicopter :

RC Helicopters that have an engine running on Glow Fuel is called a Nitro RC Helicopter. These are high-performance helicopters that offer the lowest cost option among fuel-powered variants, that’s why they are still very popular until today even with the increasing appeal of Electric RC Helicopters. Nitro engines in helicopters are powerful for their size and can produce high RPMs—from 13,000 to 16000.

These helicopters come in different sizes. And the way the size of these Nitro RC helicopters is gauged is through the size of their engines. Therefore, a size 30 helicopter should mean it packs a .30 cubic inch Nitro engine.

Nitro RC Boats :

RC Boats running on Nitro Fuel is a great choice if you value performance over other considerations. It would help if you have prior experience in nitro engines in other vehicles so you avoid scenarios like having a stalled boat in the middle of a lake. Like any other vehicle using a Glow engine, Nitro Remote Control Boats require an owner that’s more hands-on because of the setup and maintenance required.

Important things to keep in mind:

  • Check restrictions before running your Nitro Remote Control watercraft on a local park pond
  • Be organized; bring your tools and spare parts so you can play all day
  • Have a travel case so you can transport and keep your boat safe
  • Always clean & lubricate your boat after use.

RC Nitro Cars, Trucks & Buggies :

RC Nitro vehicles have engines running on nitro fuel. These vehicles can be off-road or on-road. Trucks & Buggies in particular are ideal for off-road use because of their rugged build, higher ground clearance and the power they pack.  

Nitro Remote Control vehicles powered by Nitro are popular to hobbyists who want realism of a roaring machine and those who want to tinker on a variety of engine components. Anyone who intends to keep a Nitro RC vehicle in good shape should have the proper tools and know-how in maintaining the engine and its different parts.

Important Tips:

  • Do regular maintenance
  • Tune your engine for better performance
  • Choose your racing obstacles carefully to avoid breakages

Nitro RC parts – What You Need to Have

Spare parts for your Nitro RC vehicles are an important part of the hobby. Nitro RC parts should always be within reach whenever you go out to play. This includes, but is not limited to, glow plug accessories, filters, exhausts and filters. 

RC Masters has a large inventory of Nitro RC parts for you to choose from.

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